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Manuscript Formatting
Graphics Formatting
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Manuscript Formatting

We need your manuscript as a single word processing document either created with Microsoft Word (.doc) Works or .txt file.

Microsoft Word (.doc) Works or .txt file. If your manuscript is not in electronic file format but is available as a hard copy, AGI can type your book into the computer for you. The Data Entry Service is available for $2.50 per page.

Your book needs to be between 10,000 and 300,000 words. *(40-150 pages) Please speak to an AGI consultant to discuss manuscripts that are shorter or longer than this.

We prefer:

o Times New Roman or Garamond typeface

o Use the ENTER key to advance to the next line or start a new paragraph (avoid using the SPACEBAR)

o Ctrl + Enter keys to begin a chapter at the top of the next page

o Paragraphs indented with a single 0.5" tab (not the space bar)

o Triangular pointers to indent the first line of the paragraph

o Auto-formatted footnotes, headers/footers or page numbering

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Graphics Formatting

o All graphics or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi file format for best reproduction. This includes photos, charts, diagrams, drawings and anything else that is not text.

o Images are saved as TIFF (.tif) or JPEG files, in CMYK color mode and at actual size o You may submit hard copy photographs and original images (except slides or sketches). AGI can scan up to a size of 12" x 17".

o Interior graphics are produced in black and white (or grayscale) unless you are producing a picture book

o There are no embedded (pasted) images in your manuscript. Save all image files as separate files (e.g. Image1.tif, Image2.jpg, etc.).

o The number of allotted interior images and/or tables varies depending on your publishing package. If you need to add additional graphics to your book, there is a fee of $10.00 per image or $20.00 per table.


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Basic Editing Services

Basic Book Edit = $.02 per word
� Correct all grammatical errors and punctuation.
� Correct minor errors in sentence structure and language rules.

Proofreading Book Edit = $.06 per word
� Correct all grammatical errors and punctuation
� Correct minor errors in sentence structure and language rules.
� Ensure plot line and character traits are consistent throughout the manuscript.
� Red-line markup in manuscript*

* Red flags mark areas for author's discretion, service Does NOT include re-writes of poorly written sentences.

Professional Book Edit = $.09 per word
� Correct all grammatical errors & punctuation.
� Clarify meaning.
� Eliminate jargon.
� Polish language.
� Other line-by-line editing.
� Up to three telephone or in-person meetings of one hour each.
� Red-line markup and re-writes of poorly-written sentences. Does NOT include complete fact check of quotes and references

Profits: The cost of each full-service package includes all of the books you publish. No buy backs or royalties are involved. Instead, you pay Adonai Group Inc. to create the book and every copy published and the profits from all sales are yours to keep.

Quality: Unlike most self-publishers, we are selective and choose only quality non-fiction books to publish. We also require that all manuscripts be edited and copyedited and offer top-quality cover design lacking at most self-publishing companies.

Affordable rates: The cost of publishing with Adonai Group Inc is surprisingly affordable in part because we use offset rather than print-on-demand for most books.

Creative Control: Adonai Group Inc. allows authors to set the price of their book, choose the cover design and layout and select a hardcover or paperback format in a variety of sizes and typeface.

Fast production time: Once you deliver a finished manuscript, your book can be in your hands in as little as two months-a fraction of the production time of mainstream publishers. Adonai Group Inc offers consulting services to guide authors through the self-publishing process. Regardless of your budget or the genre of your book (non-fiction, fiction, business, memoir, cookbook, self-help, mystery or children's book�), we will help you find a way to realize your publishing dream.

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Steps to Submission

Step 1

Prepare your book for email submission.

Yes, I have reviewed my manuscript and it is in the correct format*.
Yes, I have prepared my photos and illustration files. They now meet the graphics formatting guidelines. *If you submit a manuscript that has been incorrectly formatted, it could delay the production process of your book for up to two months. Be sure to read guidelines and instructions thoroughly before submitting. Please contact via email if you have any questions.

Step 2

Include the following summaries using your word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word, WordPad, etc):

Author's Cover Bio. A one-paragraph description (100 words max) of yourself that will appear on the back cover of your book.

Author Biography. A longer description (2,000 words max) of yourself or a message to your readers. It will be placed on the Adonai Group Inc. Web site. Dedication (100 words max). Will appear at the beginning of your book.

Book Summary. A one-paragraph description (100 words max) of your book that appears on the back cover of your book.

Book Description. A longer description of your book (2,000 words max) that describes the overall content of your book. This will appear on your book's page on the Adonai Group Inc. Web site. Save all summaries as a single file, separate from your main book file but on the same disk.

Step 3

Once you have completed your manuscript, images and summaries, please send everything to Adonai Group Inc (email supplied in contract).

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Final Things

When we receive your submission we will open your manuscript file and give it a quick once over to make sure it is understandable and was not scrambled somehow in transmission. If everything looks OK, we will send you an email letting you know that we have it and will start work on publishing your book.

After the preparation work is done we will create a proof file of the text and another of the cover. We quality check the files and then email them to you for review.

You should review the files carefully. Check the cover, copyright notice, table of contents, general page format, format of the beginning of chapters, one last check for spelling or grammar if desired, etc. Let us know if something needs to be changed, even if you now want it formatted differently than you said on your Order Form. We want you to be completely satisfied with our book publishing process.

If you have changes, we will make them, recreate the files and email them to you again for review.

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Ready, Set, Go Getting Started

We are your book publisher so it is our job to make it as easy as possible for you to get your book published. Get the publishing process started by taking care of the following easy steps and we will take it from there:

Step 1) Download, complete and email your order form (include any questions that you may have that the site has not addressed. PDF Format MSWord Format

Step 2) You will be contacted by a representative assigned to your book.

Step 3) Pay online, (an email will be sent) by paypal, check or money order; or complete the credit card section of the order form.

Step 4) Email or mail the order form, manuscript and any other files.

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